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Name: Tawnee
Sex: Bitch
Age: 18
Location: Massachusetts
What features do you have that you are so vain about?: My eyes & lips
What words do you think describe you the most?: Passionate. Demented. Lonely. Sweet (at times). Loud. Interesting. Strange. Sinful. Blunt.
Music (no more than 10): Tiamat, Leftover Crack, Velvet Acid Christ, Cruxshadows, Killswitch Engage, Murderdolls, Lollipop Lust Kill, Blatz, KiTTiE, Orgy
Movies (no more than 10): The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Crow, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Edward Scissorhands
Alcohol?: Vodka
Describe your perfect mate: Someone who understands me for me, honest, trustworthy, has a awesome personality, just someone who gets me and doesnt get scared when I do something unexpected
Favorite cuss word: MotherFucker

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