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app*LICK*ation. i am applying myself.

Name: Lenore [sinful_vanity]
Sex: Female [sinful_vanity]
Age: Twenty One [sinful_vanity]
Location: London Ontario (Canada) [sinful_vanity]
What features do you have that you are so vain about?: My eyes. My face, and everything it contains, my hands, my hair, my... ME. [sinful_vanity]
What words do you think describe you the most?: Alluring, hypnotic, mesmerizing, accident-prone, chaotic, sporatic, impulsive, devious, intelligent... cute, feline, curious, powerful... there's probably more but i'm guessing that's more than enough. [sinful_vanity]
Music (no more than 10): music? I'm assuming i'm supposed to list bands... Covenant, London After Midnight, Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Oomph!, Delerium, Wumpscut, Assemblage 23, Lords Of Acid, Epoadus... [sinful_vanity]
Movies (no more than 10): Big Fish, Far Away So Close, Resevoir Dogs, Nowhere, Tank Girl, Fear And Loathing, Nightmare Before Christmas, Spun, Gia... I don't know. [sinful_vanity]
Alcohol?: Liquid Cocaine is my favourite, if that's what i'm being asked... [sinful_vanity]
Describe your perfect mate: Myself... seriously, i'm the only one it seems that can stay attracted to and still live with me. [sinful_vanity]
Favorite cuss word: FUCK (or bloody hell if that counts, i say jesus too much but that's not a cuss word, is it?) so i like FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. [sinful_vanity]
no more than five pictures, you say? alright... but if you want more check out my journal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/blame01 there's 2 bajillion and nine more...

i do be the

prettiest girl

at the ball

i do i do

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