Back from the dead (r0ck_disciple) wrote in sinful_vanity,
Back from the dead

hey my lovely dollies we have a new co-mod. one of our own is taking up the site since my deserting ass can hardly be on here. even now im running low on time with the computer. so i am here to introduce Jess stolensoul as your new co-mod. i'll be around, checking up on things and helping with ideas.

like this one i'm about to set forth and execute right now. i need one picture from all of you so we can make banners out of them to promote the site and give you all nifty banners to place in your user info to show to the world. if you could downsize them to 400x450 pixel images and post them as a comment to this entry it will be appreciated. well that's enough out of me.

luff ya'll,
Shevon, your MOD
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